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design and their purpose

There are many reasons people come to us to design an award or tribute for them.  Usually it is for a company or organization, a retailer looking for an edge with a unique product design or sometimes just for someone special.

Whatever the case we have outlined a few of the more popular ways we handle design for different reasons:


Recognition crystals have been given to entire design teams or individually to people who demonstrate the type of drive that a company wants to echo in its workforce.  Whatever recognition program your company wishes to promote; we can create a design that reinforces your organization appreciation of their effort. 

We work with you to provide the most effective design and size to fit your budget and can even provide "economy-of-scale" designs that can be stocked for ready-made awards.

recognition is what people value.

In one of our recent promotional campaigns titled, "it's not just about the money", we spoke rather succinctly about the underlying aspects of employee satisfaction and the feeling one gets when a job is well done.  Although it is true that the satisfaction comes from within the person - having it recognized by others only serves to reinforce as well as demonstrate the appreciation for going the "extra mile".

It would be great if we could tell you that by simply dropping one of our crystals on everyone's desk that productivity would be up 1000-percent, costs would be slashed 75% and everyone in the office would be singing in unison - but, that isn't how it works (we're working on it!).  Actually, it is a bit more discerning than that which, is the actual magic, behind recognition.

Recognition is one of the most basic human needs, we all share some level of desire to be recognized for our achievements, contributions and vision.  From the CEO all the way to the new intern - each of them is seeking some kind of appreciation for their effort.  The important term here is "effort". 

While it can be said that it may be an effort to "go to work" everyday - people get paid to do that.  The effort we are speaking of is the effort put forth on a job or project that helps get it done - and it doesn't necessarily mean the results are always successful, either.  How many times has a team done it's very best, gone that "extra mile" and still lost.  Yes, it might be disappointing to lose a game, project or client but, the real loss can be enthusiasm and self-esteem.  Much like Marlon Brando's character in "On the Waterfront" lamented "I coulda' been a contender", leading to losing more than that client or project but, also the drive to excel.

So recognition isn't simply about the "close", the "profit", the "prize" but the "effort".  The next time you find yourself in a position to identify with someone that did more than their share and supported the "team" - give them something to take home at the end of the day - even if it is simply a sincere thank-you. 


corporate presence

When people come to your company for the first time, their first impression is drawn in the lobby area and main entrance.  While they are waiting, they are making observations and drawing conclusions about your operation - conclusions that shape the foundation of the relationship being built.

We have all been inside great lobbies and conference rooms which exude confidence, strength and style - all of which is very detailed and deliberate. Now, we don't claim to be formally trained in interior design - only somewhat observant.  In our observations, we see the culmination of discrete elements pulled together in a statement that says something about the organization. 

Regardless if that statement made, uses traditional cherry and mahogany or high tech glass and steel.  We see different types of corporate art function as a form of punctuation; whether it is an asterisk, exclamation or period depends on the underlying message being communicated. 

When considering the image your company wants to project without words, express it through design.

Two specific areas that these can be used in are the Corporate Lobby or Conference Room branding the company logo.  They can be built into an enclosure for added affect.

Sub-Surface Laser Engraving for Corporate Prestige is a relatively new area of use, mostly because of the size of these types of engraving.  As in all of our work, we can provide the basic shapes and sizes, however for this category, we can provide design of larger oversized crystal weighing over 40 pounds.

In addition to dimensional cubes, glass panels can be engraved and accented with edge lighting


the value of promotion

We are not talking pens or golf balls here.  They have their purpose and can be a cost effective means to promote your organization or company to the public  Really what we are talking about is promoting your organization at a level that is consistent with your company and its goals. Right now, there are existing clients that value your services and new clients that will learn too.  

Promotion is a self-perpetuating tool that businesses can find very helpful in growing their organization.  So what is "promotion" - actually you do it every time you shake a persons hand, remember their name, or help them out of a pinch.  These are all symbols and expressions of building a relationship and relationships are what brings people and opportunity to you and your business.  Also these relationships run well beyond the income they produce but, rather support the image of your company to your clients by recognizing the trust they have in you.

While on the surface this may appear idealistic, you can rest assured it is the principal of every successful business today and the foundation of the most successful.  The adage of "Supply and Demand" tends to depersonalize things a bit but, you know that if your "supply" is fraught with frustration, confusion or lack of appreciation - the "demand" will be taken elsewhere.  These complications do not necessarily need to come from you directly; customer support, system outages, manufacturing problems or delays, and anything that leaves a client feeling left out or under appreciated.  Remember these are people and they make decisions based on how they feel. 

As in most things in life, the simple gesture of consideration becomes the value.  So relationships in life and business are inherently the same.  Each time we think of someone and send them a card, flowers or even a letter (remember those) to say that they are being thought of, doesn't replace the thought but, reinforces it.  Likewise, giving your clients something that says that they are appreciated supports those values in the same way.

Our promotional items have the ability to set your company apart from the pack, for one simple reason - they are not cheap and therefore, are not perceived as such.  They are no more expensive than a ground-breaking business lunch or dinner, a pair of tickets to the symphony.   In fact, they are less expensive but then again, it is not just about the money.

When considering a crystal for promotion, it is important to determine how you will be distributing them.  This is done for a number of reasons but, most importantly to determine budgeting.  Companies that choose to distribute a large number of items will usually choose the smaller sizes, where those that distribute more selectively, use the larger sizes.

The size and style of the crystal helps determine how well your company logo, motto, or product will fit within.  Smaller crystals have a limited amount of area and are best used with a clear logo (like the NFL logo).  Larger crystals provide more area but can be overkill for most logo designs.  We can help you best determine the size and style of the crystal after reviewing artwork, and speaking to you about your promotional plans.  

Promotional Crystals come in a number of basic shapes and can use most other blanks available from commercial award blank manufacturing.  Our preliminary designs will show the crystal in all initial shapes together and be priced accordingly so you can narrow the field a little.  Once the initial design and shape is approved, we create a final 3D rendering for review and refinement if needed.

Fund Raising

Nearly all organizations are built on their membership and the funding they receive is almost solely built upon donations, membership fees or dues, and even merchandise.  We are geared to work with organizations looking to brand their organization or to simply recognize the different levels of membership.

If your organization is membership driven consider stimulating donations by creating a line of commemorative showing your members that their involvement is appreciated and recognized in the organization.   Branding and Merchandising is available to even the smallest of organizations through our special program.