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Many people write and call us about this medium and we realize that there still is a little mystery about it.  Adding to the confusion is the myriad commercial items being sold over the internet, at boutiques and street corners (yes, street corners).

It’s a sad fact that this highly detailed art form had begun to diminished itself to a novelty item or curio cabinet piece from the saturation of overseas production companies with a limited amount of design or understanding their own technology.  In their effort to sustain production they continue to have their own little price wars between one another.

When pricing gets too low, the production time is decreased by placing less and less points in the crystal.  We figure at this rate within a few years, you may be able to purchase a 3D laser cube of any design you like for less than a dollar as long as it only has 3 points in it.  Ok, so we over exaggerated a bit, but you can see the irony of it all.

Now don’t get us wrong, there are a few good overseas companies that in our opinion understand the basics of design but none truly geared toward custom design.  When you do get custom design, you need to get 1000 pieces and a 4-6 week lead time in production plus container freight.

Needless to say, we don’t get much call to do that and that is a good thing because we really enjoy creating the right design.