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medium of expression

So why would we decide to create ART in a medium that has become so discounted in these last couple of years, for that a quick background is probably in order.

As some of you may know or seen, the market place is awash with a number of “penguins”, “kissing couples” and the notorious “jumping dolphins” in 3D laser crystal.  We only say notorious because so many of these manufacturers produce their products from a “generic” CD distributed used as a startup kit for a number of these overseas government subsidized companies.

“In absence of creativity comes the mundane” is what I personally term this problem, for when I had started doing these designs only a handful of companies existed in the world and the designers (actually modelers) were hidden away forced to create butterflies, and dolphins.  The equipment isn’t inexpensive either, with new systems at the low-end selling for around $160,000 and a few for less but skimp on tolerances – you realize that a business needs to “produce” product to make its investment back – the nature of the beast.

When we had first started noticing this “trend” and warned clients of it, the status quo stated that “WE” have to compete with the lowest price, generic designed and fastest produced product.  Visions of cloned designs being stamped out this vast machine clouded my mind and I made a decision to not compromise the aesthetics of design simply for “profitability” or “market share” and left behind the promotional industry to start Sharpe Awards.

Each design we are asked to create provides an opportunity of reclaiming this art form as an art form and not simply a term used in mass production.  As a result, the designs that I create do take a considerable amount of time to “burn” when compared to the “jumping dolphins”.  Additionally, to punctuate this attention to detail we will make the crystal bigger, heavier, higher quality, and as a result more valuable.

Previsuals v.s. Reality

“Hey, this is a computer image” and you would be right.  Below is an example of one of one of our commercial “previsual” and the resultant creation.  It is my personal belief, that it is important to “see” the design before they were created, not only in the minds eye but to be able to share it with others.  Computers have helped achieve this and is now an extension of creativity and imagination.

The techniques and design of these products coupled with knowledge of sub-surface laser technology and over 300 “promotional” designs under my belt allows for the creation of these previsuals in a manner that consistently captures the refractive, reflective, and dimensional aspects in every design we do.

One interesting aspect of these previsuals, although we continue to fine-tune equipment and software as well as to do  designs completely representative of the laser capability, the laser produces an even better model – which is usually the opposite of what previsuals do.

Let me put it this way, if we weren’t completely confident that our designs would be faithfully reproduced in this medium we wouldn’t risk the problems of doing so.

Back to the ART

Now I know of only a few people that we consider artists; those that pay attention to the level of detail that we have chosen to work at – their background and work is mostly in the sciences.  Others work for companies that will produce “dolphins” as long as people continue to buy them.

So as said before, whenever possible we will want to create a design that is designed with an eye towards art, artistic with a message.

Feel free to contact me for more information, orders and answers to any question (regarding my work).

Thank you again for taking the time.