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black and white

is more like CLEAR and WHITE since our black is the absence of white which is the relative color of the laser etch point in a typical lit room.

In the real world, printing is done on white paper, ink is black, shadows are dark, highlight is light and the world is round.  In our world, our paper is clear, the ink is white, shadows don’t exist, white is viewed as substance (the world is still round just upside down and backwards).

here is an example swatch of how tone is rendered by a laser – remember the BLACK is clear
continuous tone on top/segmented in middle/laser dithering below

Since we don’t have shadows to define elements, we do have contrast between our “colors” – in the example above we can clearly discern the difference between segments on the bottom row – more so the farther apart they are.  This is a good example of how textures in an image or model can best be used to enhance the result using our “inks”.