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You might not be too surprised to know that we get asked a number of questions regarding the design of our awards.  Everyone from an Executive Assistant to a Creative Director to an Event Planner, some with little or no knowledge of where to begin.   In all instances, the request usually starts with “something that looks _______ <fill in the blank>”.

We believe that you will find this information worth reading.  You can drill down as deep as you like (there is a lot of information).  We are doing this because we want you to be well informed regardless if you choose to use us for your next design.

We hope it will provide a clearer understanding how to achieve the very best results …because it matters.


When you made the decision to have a design created for you, there was a reason to do so – each reason has some additional value well beyond its mere form.

learn about purpose and how we view it

dimensional laser

Our use of this precision art form comes with a number of different techniques as well as concerns.  If you are considering having us do a design for you, it might be best to understand a bit more about it.

We treat the science of Sub Surface Laser Engraving as an art form that balances the technical aspects of high-powered lasers with intricate detailed images within optical glass.

Our research and development in the application of large scale installations allows us to leverage this knowledge and understanding of Sub Surface Laser Engraving (SSLE) into works on more personal scales.

The dimensional laser art medium offers myriad design possibilities.  It is our hope that in these brief descriptions that we can disseminate some of our knowledge to help you arrive at the right solution for your needs.

When considering dimensional engraving for your design, we believe that  it is important to  understand how it will be used and if it is appropriate for your design.  It is always wise to consider the source when told that every design should be sub-surfaced engraved.

should you

We believe that you will find this information worth reading.  We hope it will provide a clearer understanding how to achieve the very best results…because it matters.

So lets begin:

learn about techniques

choosing is the right shape

different shapes we use (and don’t)


Really very straight-forward – much like framing a picture.  The trick is to leverage all dimensions so to balance everything.

learn about proportions


The basics of design deals with some of the most subtle aspects of scale, stature, proportion, tone and contrast.  This doesn’t mean you need to have a MFA to have good design sense, most people innately know when design works (there are a few this is completely missing though).

(as we see it)

Design is really a personal thing – while good design can be a more shared experience.  In this website, we have shown you different mediums we can work with, some of the available engraving options, even a number of our past work for you to get ideas from.

Ultimately the decision of design will come down to you.  What works, what doesn’t is all a consideration of the occasion and the other things that it reinforces.  While we realize that an award from page 20 in catalog X may accomplish similar goals, its the other areas that our designs also cover that adds to their value.

While it it is nice to know that your award design could be made of solid gold – our designs are more practical than that.  In fact, our custom built design rarely cost more than most premium award supplier might charge for page 20.

And when it comes to design, we like to feel we appreciate the right design as much as you.