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10 seconds

There is a saying that “Presentation is Everything” and we tend to agree for about 10 seconds except when it comes to the unveiling.  Still,10 seconds is about the initial time the recipient has before initially seeing the goods.

A lot happens in that initial 10 seconds between wondering what it really is and finding out – this is one of the areas we like to help.  While all of our smaller designs will come in a suitable gift box – larger ones require some special consideration.

Recently we completed an original design for a well-known Automobile Magazines’ Annual Award – the award stood over 17″ tall in cut crystal wrapped with custom fabricated aluminum.  A mere box would be a bit demeaning and structurally flimsy – a museum style shipping crate for an artifact might be nice but had nothing to do with automotive.

What we came up with was a big red metal toolbox with a foam injected black felt holder on the bottom.  On the outside bottom corner, a brushed metal plaque with magazines’ logo.

It was perfect – it acted as not only as a great presentation for the Automotive Industry but a very safe shipping container (double boxed of course).  Perhaps best of all, this sort of presentation had never been done before – which we were even happier to hear.  Moving forward, they now have the opportunity to continue using this as part of their brand in the award ceremony – basically, owning the toolbox concept in their industry.

While the above example demonstrates the ideal scenario of good packaging, all of our designs do not benefit from something that well conceived.  Basically our designs benefit from something simple but elegant.  Sometimes it is a basic black heavy board box, or a velvet gift bag allowing the design to emerge from its wrap.

We also create custom wood boxes for some of our designs which double as a keepsake.  These boxes are constructed of solid hardwood of your choosing with a fitted lid – all of our custom boxes are solid hardwood with mitered corners with four-corner matched grain.  Additional treatments such as dovetails, bi-wood keys, and inlays are also available.

All of the packaging we offer can be engraved, embossed, imprinted to add a level of personalization or message.

the design

After the initial presentation, the recipient will look over the design and the detail.  The texture of the natural wood or stone add to it tactile esthetics.   The engraving may play with the eye and reveal other messages.

While we try to offer ideas during the initial phase of the design – it helps to know that additional treatments can be added in addition to the multitude of combinations we offer.

  • 18K gold gilding
  • precious metal and stone inlays
  • illumination
  • custom base designs

Regardless of the vast array we can provide you – we can make things simpler by making suggestions that are appropriate to your event, tone and budget.