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speak with the designer

Great – you wish to get some ideas with your design needs.  First of all, we are a design company, not a conglomerate with cubicles of phone attendants standing by to read from an order taking script.

What that means is we not only solve your recognition needs but we provide personal service in determining the appropriate award for your event and budget.  Each request is handled by a real person with unscripted dialog which means we tend to think about what we are saying.


By calling the number above, one of a number of things may happen:

  1. you’ll reach someone nearby who should be busy anyway.
  2. if no one is available to answer your call, the call will be forwarded to the studio.
  3. if our tools are making too much of a racket, you will default to our voice mail.
  4. of course, you will reach our voice mail if everybody is real busy or we are closed (9-5 Eastern Time).

if your request is a bit more structured, you can use our online request for consultation