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clubs and such

If you organize or manage an Association, Club or User Group and would be interested in fundraising, we have developed an associates program to do just that.

With this program you can brand your organization without any start-up costs or fees – your revenue is completely based on the participation of your membership.

The idea is very simple and you have total control on how to administer it.  We provide you with associate pricing for different size crystals – this pricing includes all the make-ready charges for the custom designs that will be placed in each crystal.

You advertise to your membership about the designs and customization available (we can even provide you with image samples for your website) along with the pricing of each crystal size being offered.  If you have an order system with PayPal even better, you already know how to create an order page.

To allow even better flexibility and allow for better commissions you can choose to handle each order individually, or batch multiple orders of the same design together for a better commission percentage.

Here are a few examples:

You manage an internet site that deals with clubs, classmates or like minded individuals.  You offer your group organizers an opportunity to provide commemorative or special event crystals for fund raising, membership gifts, or just as gifts.  Your website fields the initial inquiry and we handle all the design needs and present it to the customer through your site.  Upon approval, you collect all moneys and place your order through us for drop shipment anywhere in the country.  We can even include line cards or other printed media if needed.


You have a Club or Association for Cats which has 100 members.  You provide us a logo or design for your club and we provide images of your logo in different crystal shapes and prices.  You then offer to your membership the availability to purchase a special member crystal from the sizes you choose.


You have a small user group of architects and you want to promote the club membership by providing a club logo and a design of a classic architectural shape like an arch.  We create the design imagery and provide it to you for advertising on your website or newsletter.


You announce to your members that the club is offering a limited series of club crystals in two sizes – the larger of the two would be higher priced but of lower quantity (50 pcs) and the smaller one would still be limited in production (200 pcs)

In both examples:

You take the orders, collect the money and place your order with us for the designs, we produce the order and ship them to you for distribution to your members.  You keep the difference between the selling price and the associate pricing – all without any start-up cost.

The size commission you make is all in how you batch your orders to us or rally your membership – for even more commission, we have pricing for single order customization as well.

Each box is provided in a satin lined gift box with room for a special card or announcement that you can print and provide with each crystal.

If you like the idea of providing a unique crystal award or custom art to your membership and generate additional operating income with very little work, contact us and we would be happy to provide you additional details and pricing to get you started.