So you think you have a design you want done – great.  There are only a few simple steps to get started (you may already have done a couple):

  • Step One: Know your design or at least the reason for making one.  If you know what types of elements (logo, picture, words) you would like to see in the design great.  Even if you have just a couple of ideas or occasion, that works too – and if you don’t even know where to start, we can still help you.  To give you some background which people create a design – we’ve added this section.
  • Step Two: You know or at least reviewed some of the different shapes available.  Knowing the shape really helps define what we can do for you.  Again, we can help you pick a shape – but we have to at least know what it is for.  Which brings us to the all important…
  • Step Three: Request a Consultation.  We designed a very simple form that helps narrow the options a bit.  It goes straight to us and you will have a reply within a few hours – worse case, the next morning.
  • Step Four: Poof – it’s done – you are herald as a “wunderkind” – MAGIC!.

No, just kidding, but close – actually, what really happens is we will follow up via email or phone to discuss the design, your timetable and budget – all really very painless.    If you have additional information such as a photo, drawing or other piece of artwork from you – that helps too.  There is a great deal of initial creative work so it is important to get you a price as well as provide payment instructions.  We have a merchant account through PayPal to simplify things, but if PayPal is not available option for you or this is time critical design then we can provide Wire Transfer instructions.

Once we receive your payment/design deposit we can start working right away. Typically within a few days (but as long as two weeks) we will have further developed designs for you to examine.  When you are satisfied with the images and design layout we will prepare the design for you.

In the pre-visual you will see placement and textures of the different elements of the design, even see the different refractions the crystal gives to the piece.  This is one of the ways we can get you a design that you will not only be happy with but also expecting.  We also include an estimated production and delivery date.

Once the design is approved by you, we create an order with all of the information needed to create your custom design including the pre-visual to ensure that you ordered the right design.

Upon payment, we provide you a production and delivery date within the next business day, even supply a tracking number after final inspection and it is shipped.

That’s it – all without having to have any heated discussion with a “artist” throwing their hands in the air claiming artistic license or what not.  Actually, we do throw our hands in the air too, but hope you will never see it.