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sub-surfacing laser design outsourcing

Over the years, we  have designed pieces for a number of well recognized companies and organizations.  Each of our designs are created from information gathered from each company and discussions about the use and targeted “theme”.

Our primary focus in 3D Laser Design is the development and production of High-End Limited Series commemorative and awards.  Additionally, we provide services for outsourced  3D Laser design for consumer retail, gift ware and promotional markets in higher production run quantities which designs differentiates your company from the competition.

Our services provide laser engraving manufacturers and distributors:

  • Superior Image design with an understanding of 3D Sub-Surfacing Laser production
  • Design Simplification Approach which improves the overall presentation and reduces laser operation time
  • Photo Realistic Proof of Concepts (reduces sampling costs and produces “quick to sale” results)
  • Interactive Web-Enabled 3D presentations of design
  • Multiple File Format output for optimal output to target laser
  • Corporate Image Branding for your clients
  • Ability to act as an in-house design group for your company (the Internet bridges our services)
  • Massive CAD Import Capability (useful for automotive, architectural and complex 3d models)
  • Relationships with other Laser Production houses for outsourced production.
  • Massive Library of Generic High Quality 3D Elements to develop from (>7500)
  • Professional Photography of Finished Crystals for Catalogs, Brochures and Web Presentations
  • Web Design Service for Overseas Companies (US Based Hosting with US/European Structure and English)
  • Market Consultation and Sales Support for Competitive Market Growth

Lastly, as an offshoot to our 3D Laser Design we can produce everything from investment molds, prototypes and fabrication to finished products in wood, pewter, acrylic, plastic and stone – feel free to contact us regarding additional services in packaging presentation and accessories.

Pre-Visualization Included:

At Sharpe Awards we know that the design is the most important factor in creating a quality product.  To these ends, we have devised techniques that allows our client to see the design without incurring any charges for sampling.  We do provide samples for large orders and on a discretionary basis.  We believe that the image below shows how accurate our pre-visualization comes to the real product.


For more information contact us OEM/Retail Inquiry