First of all , Sharpe Awards is a brand of Trinity3 Design – what this means is our founder, head honcho, and primary employee has his fingers in many areas. This is mostly due to his varied interests in communication and applied creativity. It is these diverse interests and background that allows us to create original designs.

Sharpe Awards was launched and open to the general public in 2003. Its background in creative design run deeper as a specialist in Sub-Surface Laser Engraving.

Our service focuses in the design and balance of each piece. Our designs provide a unique shift in the award paradigm by adding a level of service that allows us to closely working with each client.

Trinity3 Design provides our innovation. By providing development in unique glass, lighting and furniture. Our research in areas of edge lighting, diffusers, optics, transparent mediums and functional art leads us to consider new products in the promotional and award sector.

our crusade

Well, we like to call it a crusade. Since we are a young company with an old soul, we still retain our idealistic values in design. If you hadn’t already guessed, our crusade is against limited choices and artistically benign catalog selections. The value of a handcrafted award goes well beyond the its cost.

This is particularly true of Sub Surface Laser Engraving. Even though the commercial use of sub-surface laser engraving has been around for less than a decade – it has not taken long for what we consider a precision art form to be reduced to novelty items and low grade promotional items.

Since our introduction to this technology over five years ago, we find this disturbing. As such, we have committed ourselves to design and develop pieces that come away from the mainstream novelty store approach.

We do this by working in scales and shapes that truly leverage this medium as a unique art form. On occasion, we do design in smaller sized crystal for larger orders – we are always striving even with these reduced mediums to leverage the best designs that will complement their intended use.

Perhaps most importantly, all of our designs are done here in the US which means quality and timely production. Each of our manufacturers has been selected to assure that their attention to quality meets our own requirements.
employment opportunities

We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our family at Trinty3 Design.   Join us and you’ll be part of a team proud of its dedication to the customers who use our products and services every day.   Since we are mostly a digital design studio – geography rarely is an issue – quality work and consistency is though.

- currently, there are no openings available for employment or apprenticeship -

Sharpe Awards is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides a Drug Free Environment.
All employment at Sharpe Awards are subject to a pre-employment background check.